Success Stories


“The EnviroStars program taught us simple and helpful ways to address an auto repair business’s responsibility to our environment.” Nick Stack — owner

• Promotes your good environmental standing to customers.
• Helps consumers patronize environmentally sound businesses.

• Free newspaper and radio advertising.
• EnviroStars decal, logo and certificate.
• Nominations for regional environmental awards.

• For an EnviroStars application or information on other Snohomish County programs call (425) 388-3425.

Owners Julie and Nick Stack and their staff know what it takes to run a top-notch facility, and environmental considerations play an integral part in the repair process. For example, they installed a combined paint gun washer and solvent still, which allows them to reuse solvent and reduce worker contact with the solvent. Solvent use will decrease from over 450 gallons a year to 10. This will cut their hazardous waste disposal costs by $2,000 per year. Equipment payback time will be three years or less. Providing secondary containment for antifreeze prior to pick up for recycling insures that accidental spills will not contaminate the soil or water resources. By installing asphalt berms, over 95% of storm water runoff from their property is detained and filtered of pollutants prior to discharge to the storm water system. This insures that oil, gas, car-washing waste arid other pollutants do not enter the storm water system, or ground water without treatment. Aldercrest Auto Rebuild is also a Greenworks member through their efforts to recycle arid reuse bumpers, cardboard, sheet metal, radiators and wheel and their commitment to close the loop by purchasing recycled materials such as used parts, recycled  bumpers, toner cartridges, and computer ink.

Nick and Julie are proud to have the
first EnviroStars autobody repair shop
in Snohomish County.

Sharing their successes in the area of solid waste prevention and pollution prevention with other autobody shops, and their willingness to make improvements have contributed to their achieving their 5-star EnviroStars rating.
EnviroStars is a regional pollution prevention recognition program provided in King, Kitsap, Snohomish, Pierce and Whatcom Counties by local agencies and partnership organizations.
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